Melbourne Road Sawing

Road Sawing / Floor Sawing / Expansion Joints

Road Saws are the back bone of the concrete cutting industry. Road sawing is one of the most cost effective and fastest cutting procedures available. They are used for demolition of concrete slabs, asphalt and concrete road cutting, factory floors or driveways. They are also used for the cutting of trenches for plumbing services or electrical cabling.

Metro Sawing & Drilling have a variety of road saws including petrol, diesel & electric powered self-driven flat saws that have excellent maneuverability allowing deep cutting even in confined spaces.

Road Saws are used for:

  • Concrete Slabs
  • Expansion Joints
  • Concrete Road Cutting & Asphalt Cutting
  • Cutting for Demolition
  • Factory floors or Driveways
  • Cutting of Trenches

If you are in Melbourne and need Road Sawing, Floor Sawing or Expansion Joints then contact us. With over 20 years experience road sawing in Melbourne we are the professionals you can trust.

Road Sawing