Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing is predominantly used in the application of floor or wall cutting up to a depth of 150mm, its portable, fast and its size makes the Hand Saw ideally suited where there is limited access. Commonly used for demolition or cutting wall and doorway penetrations, they operate to a depth of 150mm in reinforced concrete or brick.

Depending on the environmental circumstances / requirements of the project,  the hand saws can be powered by either Petrol, Electric or Hydraulics. Our friendly team can advise the best option for you!

  • Precision openings for window and doors.
  • Demolition of reinforced concrete/brick walls, floor slabs.
  • Creating rebates in concrete.
  • Trenching concrete slabs for installation of sanitary / electrical services etc.
  • Cutting pavers, stone and steel pipes.
  • Creating penetrations for electrical, plumbing or other services in concrete structures.
Hand Sawing