Concrete Core Drilling Melbourne

Utilizing specialized Core Drilling equipment Metro Sawing & Drilling we can Concrete Core Drilling to your exact specification. We have been providing Concrete Core Drilling in Melbourne and Regional Victoria for over 20 years.

In a variety of applications, vertical, horizontally or  any angle required. Metro Sawing & Drilling can meet your specific needs and can deliver precise diameter hole sizing leaving the finished concrete smooth and clean, most importantly exactly where you want it!

There are a variety of applications where Metro Sawing & Drilling can assist our clients;

  • Routing electrical cable
  • Testing and analysis of concrete structure’s
  • Installing reinforcement  bars
  • Pool fencing spigots
  • Air conditioning installation / Refrigerant pipe
  • Penetration’s without any over cuts.
  • Installation  Plumbing services
  • Mechanical services penetrations

If you are in Melbourne and need Concrete Core Drilling then give us a call on 0400 841 508.

Core Drilling